Under The Sea Sensory Box

My daughter is a big fan of sensory boxes (and I’m a big fan because they seem to keep her occupied for a decent amount of time). I love trying to come up with fun sensory boxes with a Disney twist! This morning I put together a (very easy) Under The Sea Sensory Box and I wanted to share it with you. I feel like there are so many ways that you could change up this box, with sand or plastic fish for example, but I put it together with things I had around the house.

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To make this sensory box you will need:

Plastic Tub


Food Coloring (I used a mix of blue and green)

Sea Shells

Plastic Seaweed

Little Mermaid Toy (at one time, we had this whole set, but my daughter has misplaced Sebastian and Flounder)


The first thing I did was trim down my plastic seaweed. It was much taller than I thought it was going to be so I cut it down to about as tall as the tub. Next, I filled my tub about halfway up with water, added a couple drops of food coloring, and gave it a good stir.

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Once the water was the blue color that I wanted, I spread seashells across the bottom of the tub. Then, I placed the seaweed in the water. Finally, I tossed in our Little Mermaid figurine and the box was complete!


After putting this box together, I decided my daughter will definitely be playing with it outside. I think that the water could get out of hand in my house, but it’s perfect for a hot summer day. I hope your kids enjoy this sensory box as much as my daughter does. Happy Playing!

Sending love and magic.

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