Toddler Meals (That Are A Little Magical)

When my daughter first started eating “real food”, she would devour pretty much anything that I put in front of her. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore, and our meal times have turned into fights. She has become picky about what she wants to eat and it makes meal times hard on all of us.

Over the past couple months I have found myself brainstorming ways to make her meals a little more fun and I thought that I would share some of those ideas with you! If you are dealing with a picky toddler, or just want to make meal time a little more fun, maybe these ideas can help.

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Here are some of my favorite products that help inspire my daughter to eat the food that I put in front of her:

Bumkins Minnie Silicone Grip Dish


This Minnie Mouse plate from Bumkins is our absolute favorite! My daughter loves is because well, it’s Minnie Mouse, and I love it because it’s easy to clean and stays on her high chair tray. Most toddler plates have three areas for food, but this one has five areas which means I can give her more options.

Vegetable Cutters


I honestly use at least one of these vegetable cutters on every single meal that I make for my daughter. I love this set because it comes with a Mickey cutter (I’ve learned it’s much easier to get my daughter to eat “Mickey apples” over “apples”) and it also comes with little animal forks that are fun to eat with. These cutters are very easy to clean and you can use them to cut so many different things.

Mickey Sandwich Cutter


Just like the with the vegetable cutters, I use this sandwich cutter for everything. From PB&J to grilled cheese, we have lots of Mickey sandwiches in our house. I also use this for cookies, Rice Krispies Treats, beignets, and biscuits!

Mickey Mouse Muffin Mold


There is something special about having a Mickey Mouse blueberry muffin on a Saturday morning, but I love this muffin mold because you can use it for so much more than just muffins! I’ve made really cute brownies and cupcakes with it, but it would also be great for baked eggs and rolls.

Here are a few examples of our fun meals that I hope will inspire you! Feeding a toddler or child can be such a task, but this makes it a little more exciting for all of us.


Sending love and magic.

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