Disney Dinner & A Movie Night: Monsters, Inc.

I have come to the conclusion that my toddler might love Pixar movies a little more than classic Disney movies, with Toy Story 2, Cars and Finding Nemo being at the top of her list. This past week we decided to share another one of our Pixar favorites, Monsters, Inc., with her (I also had to dress her up like Boo, because why not?).


This kid is getting pickier and pickier with her food choices, so I wanted to make something simple for dinner that she would eat. To start, I concocted a really fun “Mike Wazowski Punch”. I mixed equal parts Sprite and Pineapple juice and then stirred in half a packet of Kool-Aid Lemon Lime. I poured the punch into mason jars and tape on a Mike Wazowski eyeball.


Our “Mike” was made, so now we needed to add something “Sully” to our meal. In a bowl I whipped heaving whipping cream with half a pack of Berry Blue Jello powder. Once the whipped cream formed stiff peaks, I stirred in some sliced up blackberries. I’m not even sure what to call this, but it was delicious.


If you’re familiar with Monsters, Inc., then you know that Mike and Silvia eat at a sushi restaurant called Harryhausen’s. I really love sushi but decided that a toddler friendly version would be PB&J “Sushi”. This was really easy to make. I started by flattening my bread, then I spread peanut butter and strawberry jelly, finally I carefully rolled and sliced. It was a hit!


Our Monsters, Inc. night was so much fun, I forgot how great this movie is. My daughter really loved the movie (and the PB&J Sushi). I can’t wait to figure out what we are doing next week!

Sending love and magic.

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