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Tangled Up Sensory Box

I try to make a new sensory box for my daughter at least once a week. She loves sitting, exploring and playing quietly (which gives this mama a nice little break). Today I am sharing one of our favorite boxes that is inspired by the Disney movie Tangled.

I will start by saying that originally I planned on using cooked spaghetti for this box. But because we like to keep our boxes for a week, I thought that spaghetti might not be a great idea. I ended up using yellow yarn instead of spaghetti, but I still think cooked spaghetti would be a really fun option too!

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To make this box you will need:

Plastic Tub

Yellow Yarn

Plastic Flowers

Fake Flowers

Small Crown

Rapunzel Doll (I used this, but you could use any Rapunzel doll)

The first thing I did was cut my yarn into smaller pieces. I sat some of the yard aside and put the rest in the bottom of my tub. Once I finished that, I decided to braid some of the yarn that I sat aside. I made two big braids, but you could make smaller braids if you wanted to.

Now that I had the yarn ready, it was time to assemble the box. I started by putting the braids in the box, it’s fun to wrap them through the other yarn. Next, I added my plastic flowers and fake flowers (be sure to bury some).

Finally, I added the crown and the Rapunzel doll and the box was complete!

I love that this box isn’t messy and is so easy to store for future playing. My daughter loves running her hands through the yarn and digging for all of the flowers. We aren’t planning on “leaving out tower” any time soon, so I feel like we will get a lot of play out of this box.

My favorite thing about making sensory boxes is that there is no “right way” or “wrong way” to do it. Let me know if you recreate this box and what your kids think of it.

Sending love and magic.

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