Disney Dinner & A Movie: Dumbo

This week for our Disney movie night, we watched Dumbo! Dumbo has been on my list of movies to watch for a while because it’s a short movie that I knew my daughter would sit through. I also love making circus/carnival food, and I knew that our dinner could be yummy (and easy).

Corn dogs are one of my favorite carnival foods, so that’s what we had for dinner! I loved being able to just throw corn dogs in the oven to bake (which was a lot easier than that ratatouille I made a couple of weeks ago). I also baked some tater tots and cut up some cotton candy grapes. If you haven’t had cotton candy grapes before, you should try them. They are super sweet and taste exactly like cotton candy.

No circus is complete without snacks, so along with our dinner, we also had some popcorn and some Nutter Butter cookies. I though the Nutter Butters were fun because they look like peanuts you would find at a circus! My daughter had so much fun pretending to feed peanuts to her Dumbo stuffed animal.

I have been looking for any excuse to make funnel cake, and that’s what I made for dessert! I’ve never made a funnel cake before, so I ordered this mix from Amazon. You start by adding water to the funnel cake mix, pour the mix into the pitcher, and then add the funnel cake mix to hot oil in a circular motion. The funnel cakes fry for about 30 seconds on each side, then you remove them and top with powdered sugar. They were so simple to make, and I would definitely make these again.

I’ve always considered Dumbo to be a sad movie, but my family and I really enjoyed watching it. Our dinner was a hit with my toddler and my husband (especially the funnel cakes), and we are looking forward to our next Disney Dinner & A Movie night already!

Sending love and magic.

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