101 Dalmatian Puppy Puppets

Coming as no surprise to anyone, my daughter loved the movie 101 Dalmatians. I decided to continue the puppy fun this week with a fun (and easy) project.

As the mom of an almost-two-year-old, I sometimes find it hard to find projects and activities that she can do. Honestly, I spend a lot of time scouring Pinterest and blogs, trying to spark ideas. Most of the time, I find super cute activities that I love, but a little over her head. I am so excited that she loved making these puppets as much as I did.

I am going to link the supplies that you will need through my Amazon store. Please note that I do get a small commission if you purchase through my links, but you can also find these supplies at any craft store.

You will need:

White Paper Plate

White Paper Bag

Black Dot Stickers

Black Marker

Googly Eyes


Pink Felt or Construction Paper

Ribbon (optional)

To start, I went ahead and cut two puppy ears from my paper plate, and a pink tongue from the felt and set it aside. Then I started peeling stickers off and handed them to my daughter, one by one, to place on the white paper bag and ears.

Once she had the bag completely decorated with black dots, she added black dots to each of the ears. When we finished with the dots, I taped the ears on the back of the bag and added the googly eyes.

Our final step was to tape the tongue on and add a black nose. On one of our dogs, we also added a red ribbon as a collar.

Making these puppy puppets was such an easy and enjoyable project for me and my daughter. Most of all, I think she enjoyed the independence of putting the stickers wherever she wanted to on her puppy. I have a feeling that we will try this project again in the future and make different animals.

I hope you loved this precious puppy puppet as much as we did! If you do, please leave a comment and let me know.

Sending love and magic.

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