Things I Learned By Taking a Trip To Walt Disney World During a Pandemic

In July, I convinced my husband that we needed to take a trip to Disney World (yes, during pandemic). We were both once Disney World Cast Members, and we know how seriously Disney takes safety, so we didn’t feel worried about going. That said, we had self-made rules to ensure that we were as safe as possible while traveling.

For starters, we drove to Disney World from Texas. Yes, it took us 17 hours each way, but honestly, those 34 hours spent driving were so much fun! We talked, we sang, and we laughed (and we were very thankful for family that lives in between our house and Orlando so that we could stop). We rented a car for the long drive and then decided that we wouldn’t use Disney transportation but would drive to the parks each day. We brought so many masks, wore gloves while pumping gas, sprayed everything with Lysol, and throughout the trip we used hand sanitizer or washed our hands.

We also decided not to bring our daughter on this trip. I know that she would’ve had so much fun, but she would’ve hated the drive. We were also unsure what to expect while in the parks, so she stayed with Mimi.

Today I want to share the five things that I learned by taking a trip to Walt Disney World during a pandemic.

I Didn’t Miss Fastpass

As most of you know, Disney is limiting guests in their parks, but they also temporarily took away Fastpass. At first, I was a little bummed. I was worried we wouldn’t be able to ride anything and, because I’m usually a planner, it made me feel uneasy. But boy, was I wrong! Regular lines move so much quicker when there isn’t a Fastpass line merging with it. There were also more places to stand in the shade or air conditioning because most rides used both their regular and Fastpass queues.

Once Disney expands guest capacity, I’m sure Fastpass will return (and I understand why), but it was refreshing to take a trip without worrying about Fastpass.

There Are Great Quick Service Dining Options

On most trips, my husband and I look forward to the table service meals we will have, but this trip was different. One of the rules that we made for this trip is that we would not eat at any table service restaurant with inside seating. Although I think Disney is taking so many precautions, we haven’t even gone out to eat at a restaurant at home, so I didn’t feel comfortable eating inside of a table service restaurant. This opened up so many possibilities for quick service food, and we really enjoyed it! We also loved how slow Food & Wine Festival was; for the first time ever, we could try so many fun foods in the world showcase.

I am looking forward to eating table service at Disney again, but it was such a nice change to try some quick service options on this trip.

Wearing A Mask All Day Is Not That Bad

Okay, so the first day in the mask wasn’t great, but it was fine by day two! The worst part about wearing a mask all day was the sweat on my face, but I never had issues breathing, walking, or riding rides while wearing it. Disney is very strict about masks, you cannot take it off unless you are sitting down and actively eating or drinking, but these rules made me feel so much more comfortable about being there.

If you are going to the parks, makes sure to bring lots of mask options! My husband and I both went through many different masks until we each found one we liked.

It’s The Best Time To Get Pictures

The parks’ lower crowd capacity means that it is so much easier to get good pictures! I took pictures by the castle mid-morning on a Saturday, and there wasn’t a soul in them (except me!); it was crazy. The low crowds also make it so nice when you’re walking from ride to ride. We quickly found that everyone wants their space, which made it so much easier to social distance.

If you aren’t a fan of Disney crowds, now may be the best time to go to the parks!

Disney World is Safe

Okay, I’m not saying that if you go to Disney World right now, you won’t get sick, but I am saying that Disney is taking every precaution to keep you as safe as possible. As a former Cast Member, I know how important safety is to Disney, and was I was not surprised about all the rules and changes they have implemented. I 100% felt safer in Disney World than I do when I go grocery shopping at my local grocery store.

I applaud everything that Disney has done to ensure they keep their guests and cast members as safe and healthy as possible, while still making sure there is so much magic.

Overall, I was so pleased that we decided to take this trip to Disney World. We loved the low crowds and cleaning methods and didn’t hate wearing masks in July heat as much as we thought we would. So would I go back to Disney again during a pandemic? 100% yes.

Sending love and magic.

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