Dinner & A Movie Night: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is over, and my favorite time of the year is officially here! But before Thanksgiving is too far gone, I wanted to share our A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Movie Night.

Just like our It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Movie Night (which you can read about here), I can’t take credit for our Thanksgiving Movie Night. My mom put this together for my daughter, niece, and nephew to give them something special to look forward to. I know our movie nights seem a little over the top, but they have become something that we look forward to as we try to stay home and social distance.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving follows Charlie Brown and his friends as they celebrate Thanksgiving together. In the movie, Charlie Brown hosts a Thanksgiving for his friends, but has Snoopy and Woodstock help because his cooking is limited. The meal ends up being toast, popcorn, pretzel sticks, and jelly beans. In the end, Charlie Brown’s grandmother invites everyone to Thanksgiving, where they all get to enjoy a real meal.

Our night began by surprising the kids with their movie special room. You might remember the tents from our Halloween night; my mom revamped them for Thanksgiving! The kids freaked out when they saw their tents and beds; my daughter loved the leaf lights. On each of their beds was a pair of leaf pajamas that they quickly changed into so that they could snuggle up and watch their movie.

Once the movie was over, the kids headed straight to the popcorn bar that my mom created. If you have seen the movie A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, you know that popcorn is one of their Thanksgiving staples. I thought it was so cute how she put the popcorn bar together (and the kids loved it too).

My mom even had pretzels, toast, and jelly beans were all part of the popcorn bar, just like the movie, which I thought was fun.

After dinner, we said our goodbyes and headed home, where my daughter continued to talk all night about the fun night she had. The kids loved watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and spending time together, and I loved making memories as a family. I can’t wait to see what my mom does for Christmas; I will be sure to share it with you.

Sending love and magic.

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