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What I Pack In My Carry-On Bag

Every time I fly without Brooklyn, I laugh about how simple it is. Honestly, if I’m traveling alone or with my husband, all I need is my phone and AirPods, and I’m all set. When traveling with Brooklyn, I always bring along a big bag that my husband so lovingly calls my “bag of tricks.” This bag is typically filled to the brim with things to keep Brooklyn occupied; here is how I pack in my Carry-On when I’m traveling with a two-year-old.

(I am an Amazon Associate, and I do receive a small commission if you purchase something through one of my Amazon Affiliate Links.)

1. Heavy-Duty Bag – My favorite bag for Carry-On is the L.L. Bean Boat and Tote bag with a zip-top. I have the large bag with the long straps (long straps make it so much easier to carry) in black, and it’s monogrammed with our last name. This bag is deceivingly large and fits SO much inside, and is so easy to clean. This bag also fits perfectly under our stroller (if we are traveling with it).

2. Hand Wipes – These Hand Sanitizer Wipes from Boogie Wipes are perfect for little (and big) hands. I like to order a big pack from Amazon and keep them in my purse, but they are also ideal for traveling. I also use these wipes to wipe down trays, seatbelts, and armrests on the airplane.

3. Snacks/Gummies – When Traveling with Brooklyn, I bring as many snacks as possible that will fit into my bag. I love getting small containers of cereal, crackers, and cookies. I also make sure to bring a bag of gummy bears or fruit snacks that are chewy and help Brooklyn’s ears pop if the pressure is too much.

4. Sippy Cup – I also make sure to bring a Sippy Cup in our Carry-On bag. Although most airlines are great about providing a lid and straw for drinks on the plane, it’s always nice to have your own. I love these cups because they don’t take up much room in our bag, and I can use the handle to hook the cup to the back of the seat in front of us.

5. Play-Doh – My husband might disagree with this, but I like bringing Play-Doh on the airplane with us. I found these small jars of Play-Doh from Amazon that are easy to pack. I don’t bring out the Play-Doh unless I feel like we really need it, but it’s an excellent activity for the airplane.

6. Imagine Ink Books -If you haven’t ever bought Imagine Ink books for your children, now is the time! These books are perfect because they don’t make a mess but are lots of fun. Every trip, I try to find new Imagine Ink Pads that feature different characters.

7. Busy Book – Little Minds Busy Books sent over the cutest Busy Book for Brooklyn, and I feel like it is something that I will forever bring in our Carry-On bag. The Busy Book itself isn’t large but is full of fun activities (counting, ABCs, Colors, Shapes, etc.) that will keep Brooklyn busy. Not only that but there is an entire page dedicated to her name!

8. Tablet – When all else fails, we bring out the tablet. Although I swore I would limit screen time when I had a child, sometimes it’s easier just to let them play on a tablet. We have an Amazon Fire Kids Tablet for Brooklyn, and it has been great. I load it with lots of educational games and a few episodes of her favorite shows, and she has quickly figured how to navigate through it. I also bring headphones for her if she wants to watch something; I love these CozyPhones because they stay on her head.

Of course, with the new flying rules, I also make sure to have a wide variety of masks for Brooklyn to choose from. Getting a two-year-old to keep a face mask on while on an airplane is no easy task, so I like to give her mask options and various activities to help distract her. Hopefully my bag of tricks will work.

Sending love and magic and wishing you safe travels!

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