Disney Dinner Night – Casey’s Corner

Putting together Disney Dinner & A Movie Night for my family for the past year has been something that I look forward to each week. While we aren’t done with our themed movie nights quite yet, my husband requested that I also try to put together some dinner nights inspired by our favorite Disney restaurants.

The first restaurant that I wanted to try was Casey’s Corner, which has so much meaning to my husband and me. Casey’s Corner is a tiny counter-service restaurant on Main Street U.S.A. that serves hot dogs, french fries, and the ever famous corndog nuggets. This restaurant is baseball-themed and based on the poem (written by Ernest Thayer) turned Disney Cartoon, Casey at the Bat.

Twelve years ago, I participated in the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World and had the opportunity to work inside Magic Kingdom. On the first day of training for Magic Kingdom, we took a tour of the entire park. Our tour group stopped inside Casey’s Corner for a quick break, and while we were sitting there, I started chatting with the people around me. We got on the topic of where we would be working, and I said “Tomorrowland Attractions,” and from behind me, a voice chimed in saying, “Hey! I’m working in Tomorrowland too!”. That guy ended up training with me in Tomorrowland, and five years later, we got married. Casey’s Corner is the place that we met, and it means so much to us; it’s also why we named our puppy Casey.

For our dinner, I decided to make all of the best things that you can find at Casey’s Corner: hot dogs, french fries, and corndog nuggets.

I was able to bake the corndog nuggets and fries in the oven, which made for a really easy dinner to throw together, and Brooklyn LOVED it. I also made sure to have some peanuts and Cracker Jacks because it is baseball-themed, after all. While we ate our dinner we watched the Casey at the Bat cartoon along with the Goofy short, How to Play Baseball.

If you have ever read the poem Casey at the Bat or watched the cartoon, you will know that the story takes place in Mudville. For dessert, I made a “Mudville” Pie, which was essentially a chocolate pudding pie with chocolate crust and whipped cream. This was the highlight of our meal and it was so good.

I felt like our Casey’s Corner dinner was the perfect way to start our weekend, and I can’t wait to make more Disney restaurant-inspired meals. Comment below and let me know which restaurant I should try next.

Sending love and magic.

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  1. I love this! I’m going to do it for my grown kids! I was trying to think of some of our favorite restaurants and the ones that hit me I don’t remember the names! The waffle place in MK we always stop at for the waffle with Nutella and fruit. When the kids were little and we were poor we always got chili cheese fries at Cosmic Rays. We ate a lot at Pacos Bills for the hot bar with melted cheese and grilled mushrooms and onions. At Disneyland we would get Walt’s chili and the Matterhorn Macaroon. And at Animal Kingdom it is the Mac and Cheese spot with either smoked brisket or the sweet chili shrimp. Oh, we stop at the Poutine stop at Disney Springs for the traditional or in November the Turkey, Garvey and cranberry sauce poutine. I’m going to ask my kids for their favs. This solves the what do we want to eat problem when we get together! Thank you!!

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