EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

I have had such a magical week! On Tuesday, Walt Disney World invited me to experience all that Festival of the Arts offers, and I am here to share it all with you.

Have you ever heard of the Festival of the Arts at Walt Disney World? It started in 2017 and has truly been my favorite festival ever since. It falls during a time of the year when the weather in Florida is amazing and the crowds aren’t too bad. Festival of the Arts allows you to immerse yourself in culinary, visual, and performance arts all while enjoying the best park (yeah, I said it) that Disney World has to offer.

I arrived at Epcot on Tuesday afternoon with my friend Cristina, and we promptly checked in for the media event. We grabbed a Festival Passport and map before we set off to enjoy the festival, and I feel like this is very important! The festival can seem overwhelming, but the Festival Passport and map will help so much. You can find Festival Passports and maps at the park’s main entrance and gift shops and kiosks throughout the park.

To get the day started, we decided to stop at the World Discovery Joffrey’s Coffee Booth (located near Club Cool) and grab the Mocha Masterpiece Cold Brew. There are four different cereal-inspired coffee drinks that you can find at various Joffrey’s locations in the parks. The Mocha Masterpiece was the perfect drink to enjoy while strolling over and checking out the chalk artists. Something fun about Festival of the Arts is that you will find various forms of visual art throughout the park as well as interactive experiences and photo opportunities.

The first booth that we wanted to try at the festival was the Pop Eats booth. Now, you might recognize this booth because it is where the infamous Figment Popcorn Bucket was being sold, but on the day I visited, the Popcorn Bucket was sold out, and there wasn’t a line. At Pop Eats we tried the Tomato Soup with Bacon, Apple, and Brie Grilled Cheese and the Pop’t Art; both of these items were absolutely delicious.

At this point, it was time for us to attend the Disney on Broadway Concert Series, which is located at the America Gardens Theater in the America Pavillion. I will be honest: I have never watched this concert series during all my years of visiting Festival of the Arts. The two performers that we saw were Kerry Butler (who played Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway) and Telly Leung (who played Aladdin in Aladdin on Broadway), and they were so incredibly talented. They kicked off the concert with Bop to the Top from High School Musical and followed it with different songs from Broadway. This concert series is not to be missed, but make sure you get there early for good seating.

While we were waiting for the concert to begin, I flipped through my Festival Passport and noticed the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine in the back of the book. To participate in this activity, you purchase five particular treats from five booths throughout the festival, and for each treat, you get a stamp in your book. Once your passport book has the five stamps, you turn it in and get a free (special) treat. I loved doing this and thought the complimentary cookie and drink were so cute.

Something I quickly learned during this event is that the easiest way to do Festival of the Arts, well, food-wise, is with a Disney Gift Card. Particularly a wristband gift card! You can purchase these wristband gift cards throughout the festival, and it just makes life so much easier. You can also use the gift card to purchase some of the precious Festival of the Arts merchandise and art.

After stuffing myself full of snacks, we finished our night with an incredible private dessert party with two very special guests! We were able to enjoy delicious treats and visit with Mickey and Minnie.

Harmonious, Epcot’s newest fireworks show, was the finale for our night and oh my, it was amazing. I have only ever watched Harmonious on YouTube, but it brings all the emotions when you watch it in real life. If you are visiting Festival of the Arts, make sure you stick around for Harmonious!

Our day at Festival of the Arts was honestly the best day ever! It was so much fun to experience everything that Festival of Arts has to offer (okay honestly, I didn’t get to experience it all, and I need to go back, haha). Festival of the Arts is running from now until February 21 and is fun for every member of the family.

Thank you so much to Disney World and Disney Parks Blog for this incredible opportunity.

Sending love and magic.

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