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Five Things You Need To Bring To Disney – Traveling with a Toddler

Now that Brooklyn is three (almost four, ah!) I figured it was time to update you with a “things you need to bring to Disney” post. (For reference, I have two other posts about what to bring to Disney here and here.) We have spent so much time in the Disney parks recently, and I have found myself using these products repeatedly, so I really wanted to share!

1. Waterproof Shoes

Natives come in different styles, but we love the Jefferson.

Is there anything worse than getting caught in a rainstorm at Disney? If you go during the summer months, it’s bound to happen to you at least once a day. Brooklyn wears Natives when we go to the parks and I feel like they are the best shoes for a trip to Disney (and also our, hands-down, favorite everyday shoe). Brooklyn has been wearing Natives since she could walk; I love how they look, and she loves how they feel. But, my favorite part about Natives is that they are waterproof (the material is that of a Croc) and super easy to clean.

Natives in action.

You also don’t have to worry about drying these bad boys out if you get caught in a rainstorm or your child wants to play in a Disney splash pad.

2. Stroller

I knew we would only be using this stroller at Disney, so I found one on Facebook Marketplace.

We are creeping up on that age where Brooklyn is getting too big to be in a stroller, but that will not stop us! We absolutely love having a stroller with us when we are in the Disney Parks. Not only does it make maneuvering through busy parks with a little one more manageable, but it provides rain shelter for Brooklyn and a place to hold our bags and drinks. I love the Citi Mini GT Stroller because it is bigger, easy to push, and has an extra large sunshade. This stroller also folds up quickly and easily for Disney bus rides and can store a ton of stuff in the bottom basket.

3. Fan

Life Hack: point the fan at yourself if no one is riding in the stroller.

If you are going to the Disney Parks ANYTIME soon, you will definitely need a stroller fan! Our Gazeled stroller fan is from Amazon. This fan Iis very high-powered, clips easily on our stroller, and cools Brooklyn off in the blazing hot Florida sun. When Brooklyn decides that she wants to walk, instead of ride in the stroller, I keep the fan on and point it up at my face while I push the stroller. 10/10 recommend this life hack.

4. Bed Rails

Bed rails in action.

I have always found Disney resort beds to sit up pretty high off the ground, so I bring bed bumpers when we travel. You can find these on Amazon; they slide right under the fitted sheets on your bed and keep crazy sleepers from rolling off of the bed. These roll up pretty small, so you can easily fit them in a suitcase, but they also sell inflatable railings if that’s more your speed. It’s the perfect way to ensure your little one is nice and cozy in their bed.

The bed bumpers out of the package.

5. Potty Seat

I can’t believe I took a picture like this in the middle of Magic Kingdom.

This is listed at number 5, but is probably my top thing you need to bring to Disney! Whether you’re currently potty training or just have a little one you are taking to the bathroom, a foldable potty seat is a GAME CHANGER. This potty seat suctions to a regular toilet seat and then folds up when you’re not using it. I always wipe it down with wipes once we are done using it, put it in a plastic bag, and put the bag in my backpack. It makes pottying at Disney so much easier.

These are my favorite products that we use when traveling to Disney, but I would love to know if you think there’s anything that I miss. Let me know!

Sending love and magic.

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