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Disney Animation Immersive Experience

This post is in partnership with Lighthouse Immersive and Lighthouse Art Space. I was provided complimentary tickets for me and my family. All thoughts are my own.

Have you ever wanted to travel into your favorite Disney movies surrounded by animation, colors, and music? Now you can because 10 United States and Canadian cities are hosting an incredible Disney Animation Immersive Experience this year. During this magical adventure, you will learn and celebrate the last 100 Years of Walt Disney Animation.

This past week, my family and I had the incredible opportunity to preview the Disney Animation Immersive Experience at Lighthouse Artspace in San Antonio, Texas. We were blown away. This experience really allows you to enter some of the most classic (Lion King, Peter Pan, Pocahontas) and newest (Frozen II, Encanto) Disney movies. While researching for our visit, I couldn’t find a ton of information on what to expect, so here is everything you need to know.

This entire experience is two parts and lasts about 2 hours. Upon arrival, you will enter an exhibit showing how Disney Animation is created, the history of Disney Animation, and even a place to create your own animation. There are fun photo opportunities and a gift shop to check out. It would be best to arrive 15-30 minutes early to experience everything the exhibit offers before the “show” starts.

When it’s showtime, you are ushered through a tunnel into a vast, open art space where the show will take place. A few benches are available to sit on, but you can also sit on the floor or stand. The show will be all around you (on the walls and even the floors), so there really isn’t a “bad seat.”

As the show begins, you are taken into a storybook and through some of the most iconic scenes from Disney movies. Starting with the “Circle of Life” from The Lion King, then to “Try Everything” from Zootopia, and “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. While Kalib and I sat on a bench, Brooklyn danced and sang her way through all of these scenes.

Next up, you travel to Colombia with scenes from Encanto and the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” “Poor Unfortunate Souls” with a villain’s montage, and “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas. As the show continues, you will see a montage of flying Disney characters with the song “You Can Fly” from Peter Pan and one of our FAVORITE parts, “Almost There,” from The Princess and the Frog.

After a few more scenes from Fantasia 2000Moana, and Frozen II, the show ended with a finale montage of all of these movies, bubbles falling from the ceiling, and the Disney Classic “When You Wish Upon a Star.” I might’ve cried a little bit; it was pure magic. 

You can find all the details of where you can get tickets and information on the show here. You will be able to see the Disney Animation Immersive Experience in these cities this year:

Boston: February 23 – May 29

Cleveland: January 19 – April 10

Columbus: April 6 – June 18

Denver: February 16 – May 29

Detroit: February 9 – May 14

Las Vegas: March 30 – September 3

Minneapolis: March 23 – June 18

Nashville: February 9 – May 14

San Antonio: February 28 – May 29

Toronto: December 21 – March 19

This show is for everyone from kids to Disney Adults and everyone in between. I hope you can experience this incredible show while it is in a city near you; you won’t be disappointed!

Sending love and magic.

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