Life Lately

I can’t believe how long it has been since my last blog post. Last year it felt much easier to post consistently, but now that it seems things are getting a little more “back to normal” where we live, we have been so busy. I last blogged on March 30, sharing our potato painting project, but since then, this is what we have been up to.

We celebrated Easter! Our Easter last year was so weird, and we weren’t able to see family, but this year my grandparents were vaccinated so that we could spend Easter with them. Brooklyn loved dying Easter Eggs, searching for Easter Basket on Sunday morning, and having an Easter Egg hunt with her cousins. She also really loved the hot pink rain boots that the Easter Bunny brought for her, and in true two-year-old fashion she refused to take them off.

Brooklyn started going back to swim lessons. We haven’t been to swimming lessons since 2019, and it was great to get back in the pool finally. We are doing a Mommy & Me class at our local YMCA and go twice a week; she loves being in the water and learning how to swim. That being said, swimming really takes it out of you and once swim class is over we both want to take a nap.

We took a road trip to Houston to see family and celebrate our nephew’s 5th birthday! Although the drive is only about 2.5 hours, we decided to stay overnight. It was a nice little getaway that we weren’t expecting.

When we got home from Houston, we immediately drove to a local field (haha), where we took pictures in the Bluebonnets. Being from Texas, I feel like this is a right of passage. Everyone gets pictures in the Bluebonnets at least once in their life; I felt like Brooklyn needed to do it. I’m thankful that we live across the street from an amazing photographer and I can’t wait to get our pictures back.

Overall, life seems to get busier and busier, and I’m getting more tired each day. I went through a funk where I honestly didn’t feel like being on social media, but it’s starting to get better. I think sometimes Instagram can feel defeating, especially for a “creator.” There is so much time and effort that goes into some of my posts, and when I don’t get great feedback, I start to wonder why you are doing it in the first place. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by so many people who give me confidence and support (and I’m forever appreciative of that).

Hopefully, life will slow down a little bit in the next couple of weeks so that I can find time to share more. I hope you have a fabulous Friday!

Sending love and magic.

Potato Stamp Painting

Potato stamps are something that you can use for so many different activities throughout the year, and they are so easy to make. They are also perfect for little hands! So grab a sack of potatoes and some paint; today, I am sharing a fun craft that kids of any age (including toddlers) will enjoy.

What You’ll Need:

Russet Potatoes

Small Cookie Cutters

Sharp Knife

Paint (I like the Crayola Washable Paint the best)

Small Paintbrush


To make your potato stamps, wash your potatoes off and then cut them in half (either long ways or short ways, depends on how big your cookie cutters are). Then pat them dry on the inside.

To make Easter Egg potato stamps, carefully make slices, zig-zags, or poke holes into the potato’s flat side. The potato can be slippery, so be careful.

To make different shaped stamps take a cookie cutter and push it into the flat side of the potato. Once the cookie cutter is wedged inside, take a sharp knife and slice it into the potato until it touches the cookie cutter. Slowly take your knife and cut all the way around the cookie-cutter shape, and remove the excess potato. This should leave you with a little stump that looks like your cookie cutter shape.

Now it’s time to paint! Using a paintbrush, paint colors onto your potato stamps. Carefully stamp the potatoes onto your canvas and press down. Slowly pull your potato stamps off the canvas and check out your design.

To change up the colors of your stamps, just wipe the potato off or rinse it off in between stamping.

Give these potato stamps and try and let me know what you think. We painted outside on our backporch and got a little messy, but we had so much fun!

Sending love and magic.

Easter Basket Gift Guide

Easter is just around the corner and, before we know it, the Easter Bunny will be “hopping down the bunny trail”. As I was adding items to my cart for Brooklyn’s Easter Basket, I decided I should share my purchases. These are not affiliate links, just real things that I’m buying (and the best part is that everything is from Target).

1. Rope Easter Basket Bunny – What a fun spin on an Easter Basket! I love that this rope basket could be used year-round for storage and doubles as a precious gift from the Easter Bunny. This basket seems to be sold out almost everywhere, but I was able to order it for pickup from a local Target.

2. Chuckle & Roar Happy Easter Egg-Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle – Target’s new brand of toys, Chuckle & Roar, has become one of our favorites! We love their toys, and I was so excited when I found that they have an Egg-Shaped Easter Puzzle. Although this puzzle is 100 pieces and a little too “big” for Brooklyn, we will have fun doing it as a family.

3. Chuckle & Roar Pop It! Letters and Numbers – Another great toy from Chuckle & Roar; I am really excited about this one! This Pop It game can be played in so many different ways, and I foresee lots of use on car trips and airplanes.

4. Mini Exstream Bubble Gun Green – I don’t know about you, but in our home, we love bubbles. Brooklyn loves running in the backyard with bubbles, and this bubble gun will make play time easier for both of us.

5. Bunny Ears Headband Wearable Party Accessory – I had to add these Bunny Ears to Brooklyn’s basket! If your child doesn’t like flowers, Target also has Bunny Ear options without flowers which could be perfect for any kid.

6. “The Easter Egg Is Missing!” & “The Great Eggscape” – I always add books to Brooklyn’s Easter Basket, and I thought these books were two great options. Target has a huge selection of Easter books, from board books to chapter books.

7. Sidewalk Chalk 60pc – Target has many options for sidewalk chalk (this Egg-Shaped Chalk is pretty cute); I opted for the 60 piece chalk set that can last us a while!

8. Plush Yellow Labrador with Bunny Ears – If you know my daughter, you know she is obsessed with puppies. I decided that instead of a stuffed bunny, I would get her this cute stuffed Lab wearing bunny ears this year. I think this might be her favorite thing!

9. Bunny Pink Ears Sugar Cookie – This cute cookie is the perfect treat for an Easter basket! Although we love chocolate bunnies and cream-filled eggs in our home, I feel like this cookie will be a big hit. This cookie could also make a great springtime snack.

I hope my Gift Guide gives you some great ideas for Easter. Happy Shopping!

Sending love and magic.